Habibi Bear History



​​Our breed is the descendant of the Bichon Family, believed to originate from the Mediterranean.  They were the result of natural hybridization by local dogs breeding with little dogs brought to the area by sailors.  Over the centuries, the Bichon Family has grown to include many breeds with a similar story and background.  The Habibi Bear is  also a descendant of these little dogs, and the only line that has been carefully maintained without ANY inbreeding or line breeding to destroy it's genetic diversity.  The Habibi is the result of mindful hybridization, unlike it's distant ancestors with somewhat unknown history.  Arabic is the most common language of the Mediterranean Region, and where the breed's name originates!  "Habibi", a term of endearment that means, "my beloved", and "Bear" for it's  fluffy, teddy bear-like look. 

​The Habibi Bear is a beautiful  dog that is non-shedding, allergy-friendly and comes in a kaleidoscope of colors.  For over a quarter of a century, our beautiful lines have been painstakingly developed with a small handful of litters each year to closely monitor and record what we have produced. This unique breeding of exceptional quality dogs has been shared only amongst close friends and family members, and available to select homes